Park Production has it’s own post-production department. Our experts offer full range of services — 2D and 3D graphics, color correction and sound design. We use the most modern professional software. We also have Pro-Tools sound studio. We are able to handle the whole process of post-production using our own capacities, as well as with engaging outsource resources.

During the years we have found the perfect balance between using our regular staff and involving freelance experts for a specific project. Having a huge base of professionals we can get the most effective team for a project: from Director and DP to Composer and 3D-Designer, as well as CG studios, music studios and worldwide music labels. Park Production has a wide experience and established contacts for music licensing for commercials. We cooperate with the largest musical labels, such as Universal Music, Sony BMG, Warner Chappell, Gala Records, PMI, as well as with independent musical labels and artists.